BOEM Request for Comments on Offshore Oil and Gas Leasin

Yesterday the Town Council authorized Mayor Ciancio to respond to the Bureau of Oceanic Energy Management (BOEM) request for input on the preparation of the 2019-2024 national outer continental shelf oil and gas leasing program.

BOEM is the agency that will craft and offer any leases for oil and gas exploration (including seismic surveys) and development. The Town, as well as a number of individuals, has commented on this at least twice in the past year or so. Those comments were directed at our political leaders, most of whom are opposed to oil and gas development off the SC coast. The difference this time is the comments will go to the agency that will, or will not offer the leases. The Town will be responding as a municipality, but comments from individuals are also being solicited.

As in the past, the Town’s response will be in opposition, based primarily on the negative economic and environmental impact of spills and accidents and concerns about on shore infrastructure requirements. We are also skeptical of projected economic benefits of off shore development to the area. Citizens are encouraged to offer their own views–positive or negative. Comments are due by Aug. 17.

For more information see the Federal Register, Vol 82#126, pgs 30886-30895. Comments should be mailed to Ms. Kelly Hammerle, National Program Manager, BOEM, 45600 Woodland Road Mailstop VAM-LD, Sterling, VA 20166

-Submitted by John Turner, Town Council,                                                                          The Town of Seabrook Island

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