Make-a-Wish Foundation Brings Guest to Seabrook

Josie and Terry

The Turtle Patrol had a very special guest this week. The Make-a-Wish Foundation arranged a trip for Josie Perea and her family to Seabrook Island. They arrived on July 22nd. Josie, who is 7-12, her parents, Jerome and Jessica, and 6 siblings, are spending the week in a house with a beautiful view by the beach.

So far, their visit has included a pony ride for Josie at the Equestrian Center, a tour of the South Carolina Aquarium, including the Turtle Hospital, kayaking, beach time and eating at some great local restaurants.

On Tuesday evening, Turtle Patrol Leader Terry Fansler visited the family to arrange the logistics for their participation in the Loggerhead nest inventories scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. While she was there, Terry presented Josie with a Turtle Patrol shirt and a stuffed Loggerhead turtle with a bow on her head!

Josie and her dad Jerome arrived at the Fansler’s house Wednesday afternoon to drive to the inventory in the Turtle Patrol truck with Terry. The rest of the family joined the group at the nest.

Josie sat next to Terry at the nest, and like a miracle, there were lots of live hatchlings just for her!  She was able to hold some hatchlings in her hand, including her favorite little hatchling who hatched right in front of her. She named him Jack and we had to give him lots of exercise to get him ready for his big journey. Josie walked with Jack until he entered the ocean.

It was a very special event for Josie and her whole family. They were all very excited to see the hatchlings. The Turtle Patrol crew all felt honored to be a part of Josie’s adventure and to meet her family.

Said Terry, “The Loggerhead turtles have always inspired me and so did my time spent with Josie!”

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-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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  1. Sue Holloman says:

    What a wonderful heartwarming story about the child and the turtles. I am so glad that all worked well for the little girl, Thank you Turtle Patrol for making such a special event happen for a sick little girl.

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