#9 Hurricane Hint – Do You Need Help Evacuating?

Do you need assistance with transportation during an emergency evacuation? The Town of Seabrook Island is collecting names and contact information of folks who may require assistance with transportation to an emergency shelter. Please call the Town at 843-768-9121 to have your name and contact information listed with the Town.

Next, let your family, neighbors and friends know how you will evacuate if it comes to that.  This will keep people from wasting precious time trying to find out if you’re okay when you’ve already been taken care of.

We learned after Hurricane Matthew, that a Seabrooker remained on the island because he didn’t have anyone to help him evacuate or know how to get help. It might feel uncomfortable and nosey, but please check now with your neighbors who have mobility or health issues to make sure they have a workable plan for getting to a safe place.

Your neighbor may have things well planned which will put your mind at ease; but they may need help and advice to prepare for their evacuation. The Town of Seabrook Island asks that if you know someone you believe may need help with evacuation that you identify them to the Town (843-768-9121).  Let’s  make sure everyone is accounted for and not leave anyone behind in an evacuation.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

-Tidelines Editors

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