#10 Hurricane Hint – Cell Phone Contacts; Arrange for Bill Pay

In the event of a disaster, now is the time to make sure you have the current phone numbers you might need in your cell phone – family members, friends & neighbors, your insurance company, Berkeley Electric, your builder or handyman, the companies you receive regular bills from.

You’ll remember that phone circuits were jammed during prior disasters, but text messages worked.  If you don’t know how to send text messages from your phone, get one of your kids or grandkids to show you how.

You also might consider switching the delivery of important bills so they can be received and paid online because you may not be home to receive your bills.

This is the end of our Hurricane Hints.  We will be posting several articles on what you need to do if we are told to shelter in our homes, if an evacuation is called, recovery efforts and other topics.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

(Photo credit: phonesngames.com)

-Tidelines Editors

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