Turtle Patrol – Inventories Scheduled for Friday, 8/25

We will inventory nests 49, 55 and 70 on Friday, 8/25 beginning at 6:00 pm. Nest 49 is between boardwalks 6 & 7 and nest 55 is 100 yds north of Boardwalk 6. Nest 70 is further north near Boardwalk 3. We will start at nest 49.

Directions to Boardwalks (all are off of Seabrook Island Road):

Boardwalk 6:   Between Amberjack Ct and Beach Court

Boardwalk 7:  Across from the Atrium Villas, just north of the Beach                             Club

Boardwalk 3:  There are two entrances.                                                                                Boardwalk 3A:  Across from Sealoft Villas and                                                                       Sealoft Dr.                                                                        Boadwalk 3B: Just south of Boardwalk 3A. Between                                                       Amberjack Ct. and Beach Ct.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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