TidelinesAlert And Twitter Accounts

Tidelines now has 145 followers on TidelinesAlert, our Twitter account! This is the method we use to let you know about accidents, weather issues and other emergencies in real time when the event occurs. You will still get urgent Tidelines notifications as they are published in your daily or weekly summary via email.

Many of the people now using Twitter ask what the hashtag (#) means.  The Post and Courier has an interesting article originally published in The New York Times explaining what a hashtag is and how it was developed.  To read the article, click here.

If you are interested in subscribing to TidelinesAlert, click here.  The best part of TidelinesAlert is that you can choose to follow only TidelinesAlert and receive a notification about emergencies immediately.  If you follow other Twitter accounts, you can adjust the notifications so that you receive a sound notification only from TidelinesAlert.

Tidelines Editors

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