Town of Seabrook Island Changes Emergency Status

Town of Seabrook Island just released the following update:

OPCON 2 Announcement; Irma Update, Sept 8, 1300hrs

Consistent with Charleston County’s change in readiness status, the Town of Seabrook Island will move to OPCON 2 (Emergency is Imminent) at 1300 hrs (1:00 pm).

Irma has tracked west of the path considered 24 hrs ago. However, we can still expect tropical force storm winds, 7-12” of rain, and significant storm surge. These conditions are expected beginning late Sunday into Monday. It is reasonable to anticipate that such conditions will flood Seabrook Island Road and several residential areas.

Berkeley Electric has not made a decision about precautionary power shut offs—that decision is probable Monday, based on storm surge projections. Past experience on Seabrook tells us that when Seabrook Island Road is widely flooded, Berkeley Electric power boxes are inundated and power will be shut down. That means interrupted water and sewer service. Power outages may be widespread and long duration from the general effects of the storm throughout South Carolina. There’s no telling at this point how long those conditions will remain.

An evacuation order may be issued tomorrow, depending on the governor’s decision. However, leaving the coastal area is strongly recommended by the Town.

-Town of Seabrook Island

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