SIPOA Update



The Governor held a press conference this afternoon.
– Strong winds gusting to 40-50mph, will begin late Sunday.
– Coastal flooding is expected Saturday, Sunday, and will be most severe on Monday.
– Storm surge during high tide periods is anticipated and a Storm Surge Watch has been issued for the coastline from Isle of Palms south. The surge may result in damage to docks, homes, boats, other structures and landscaping along waterways or in the surge area.
– Rain totals on Monday may be 4-7″.

Additional information:

– A Tropical Storm Watch is issued for our area.
– Monday’s high tide will be around 12:30 pm. Be aware of rising water in low-lying areas.
– A typical high tide at Seabrook Island is 6.5 – 7′. A storm surge of 3-4′ would create a tide of around 10-11′. In comparison, the October 2015 tides were approximately 8.5′.
– Depending on the water level created by the storm surge, BEC may cut power to the island on Monday for an undetermined period.
– If you are driving on-island during the storm surge period, anticipate that 50-70% of SIPOA roadways will have some level of water from approximately 10:00 am to the mid/late afternoon. For your safety, don’t drive through high water areas. Turn around!
– Avoid walking through flooded areas as they may contain hazards including displaced alligators and snakes.
– We are waiting for information from our trash/recycling contractor on pickup dates next week.

If you need to dispose of bagged household trash prior to the pickup date, SIPOA has added 3 extra dumpsters at the maintenance area until the County landfill reopens. These are for use by owners to dispose of bagged household trash ONLY. Please do not put hazardous waste, building debris or bulk items in the dumpster or on the ground.

– The yard debris collection date will also be announced shortly. Reminder – yard debris must be less than 4″ in diameter and no more than 4′ in length. Loose items must be bagged. The SIPOA Admin Office has a limited number of yard bags available for purchase at a cost of $.50 each.

More updates to follow.
Stay safe!

-Submitted by Heather Paton, SIPOA Executive Director

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