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REMINDERS: 10:00 AM MONDAY 9/11/17

  • The Town has requested that Charleston County Sheriffs restrict traffic to Seabrook Island. Officers will be stationed at the Freshfields traffic circle and will allow vehicles through to Seabrook Island that display a SIPOA bar code or pass. Others who have a drivers license with a Seabrook Island residence address will also be permitted to pass through. Contractors will not be allowed through. Traffic delays are to be expected with this temporary process for access control. Residents are asked to be patient with and courteous to the deputies on duty.
  • Remember, residents who are on-island may not be able to access or leave the island if Seabrook Island Road is flooded.
  • Due to access issues for employees and Security Officers, the Gatehouse is CLOSED from 10:00 am today to 8:00 am Tuesday. There will be no contractor access from now through Tuesday until Security resumes normal operations.
  • If you are driving on-island during the storm surge period, anticipate that 50-70% of SIPOA roadways will have some level of water from starting now through midday Tuesday to mid/late afternoon. For your safety, do not drive through high water areas. Turn around! Security cannot assist with stranded vehicles.
  • Be aware that road closures are possible. In addition to the Seabrook Island Road access to the island, localized flooding is likely at Seabrook Island Road at the intersections of Little Creek/Baywood, Embassy Row Way (Marsh Pointe), the causeways at Marsh Haven and Marsh Gate, Wood Duck (Lake Gorski), The Lookout, approximately 100′ feet in front of the Gatehouse, and other low-lying areas.
  • Rip currents are very strong and beach conditions may become treacherous. For your safety, do not enter the water.
  • If you need to move your car to higher ground, the Lake House parking lot is one of the higher points on the island. Residents can park there until the surge passes. The parking lot has not been subject to flooding in the past, but SIPOA cannot guarantee that it won’t flood in this event.
  • The Lake House is closed today and will resume operations no earlier than 10:00 am on Tuesday if conditions allow for staff access to the building.
  • The SIPOA Admin Office is closed as of 10:00 am today and will reopen on Tuesday if conditions allow access.
  • Garbage pick-up is in process this morning. Our contractor Priority-agreed to service Seabrook Island first thing this morning with an extra truck, to ensure they are off the island before 12:00 noon today. Please bring your can in immediately after it is emptied so it does not become a projectile later in the day if the wind picks up. We will update on yard debris pick-up schedule as soon as possible.


Town of Seabrook Island
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