SIPOA Update


SIPOA roads are being cleared of debris and standing water.

Please be aware and respectful of the workers on our roadways. There may be intermittent delays or road closures. If you are in a vehicle, remember to allow room to pass clean-up crews safely, and obey their traffic regulations.

Per SIPOA Emergency Response policies, we have arranged for pick-up of yard debris from regime/association common property. Debris from common areas should be placed in SIPOA right-of-way.

Reminder: The maximum debris size is 4′ long and 4″ in diameter. Loose debris such as pine straw, leaves, etc., must be bagged. There is a limited supply of yard debris bags at the administrative office for $0.50/each. Debris may be placed curbside any time this week, and our contractors will collect it as they collect around the island.

Please do not place household debris, appliances, our other Brown & White bulk goods curbside at this time. There are extra dumpsters at the maintenance area for household trash or water-damaged Brown & White materials cleared from homes. No hazardous waste – including tv’s, computers, paint cans, batteries, or light bulbs – may be deposited in the maintenance area. Hold these items for the next Brown & White pick-up day, and do not leave any items on the ground at the maintenance area.

The island will be open for personal guest and contractor access beginning tomorrow, Wednesday. Rental guests will have access beginning Thursday.

The Lake House will open at 8:00 am tomorrow, Wednesday. There will be no before-hours access on Wednesday.

The administration office will also resume normal hours tomorrow, Wednesday.

The storm surge didn’t affect SIPOA buildings, but it did damage several boardwalks. The extent of the damage varies, but we will close several boardwalks for safety reasons:

Boardwalks 1A, 4, 5, & 6 will be closed temporarily to clear debris.

Boardwalks 3 & 9 will be closed until further notice due to structural damage.

Boardwalk 1 is accessible, but there will be a detour at the end where it meets the beach.

Contact the SIPOA administration office Wednesday if you need additional information.

– Heather Paton, Executive Director

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