SIPOA Update About Comcast

                         SIPOA NOTICE – Irma Update #26

We have spoken with Comcast regarding the service outage on the island. There are nine crews here working to restore service. They were on-island until 11:00 pm last night and expect to be here late again tonight.

Many of the “nodes” were damaged during Irma due to water infiltration. In addition, during the clean-up in Miami yesterday, a debris collection crew severed a fiber line that serves eight states. Our area was affected, as that was the main trunk line that serves South Carolina. Similar Comcast outages have been reported across the Lowcountry.

They could not provide a completion time, but they have dedicated extra resources to Seabrook Island to get our service restored as soon as possible.

Remember that along with residential accounts, SIPOA phones and internet are also down as a result. Please be patient, and we’ll respond to questions and concerns as quickly as we can.

-Submitted by Heather Paton, Executive Director

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