SINHG Tours Beach After Irma

We hope all of you were safe during Hurricane Irma and had little or no damage to your home and property. We started out the Seabrook Island Natural History Group Fall trips with disappointing news having to cancel many of our first trips due to the storm.Walk on Beach Boardwalk 1-3

However, on Friday, September 15, 2017 we did conduct the “Walk on the Beach with a Marine Geologist” and 18 participants. Dr. Leslie Sautter, PhD Marine Geology Professor at the College of Charleston, was our guide.  Before heading out to the beach, Dr. Sautter gave a presentation at the Oyster Catcher Community Center discussing the overall dynamics of our coast with particular attention to Kiawah and Seabrook Island. We learned about the formation of barrier islands along the Eastern coastline and specifically those in South Carolina. Dr. Sautter also shared photos of the changes in Cap’n Sams Inlet/Spit over the past several years.  A SINHG member remarked, “The biggest take away is that I now understand how moving the cut every ten/fifteen years helps to replenish our dunes.  She connected well with our group.”

Walk on Beach Scarp-2
Our walk was a unique time to see the beach right after a major storm. Dr. Sautter highlighted the “Storm Profile” of the barrier island beaches, pointing out unique features and introducing terms such as Iliminate, wrack line, runnels, spartina and others. Another SINHG member shared, “This trip was one of the most interesting I have been on with SINHG. Dr. Sautter’s presentation, style, and knowledge were great for all of us.”

-Submitted by Lynn Baker


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