Reminder: Winter Beach Rules for Dogs Nov 1-Apr 30

The Town of Seabrook Island is responsible for the rules regarding dogs on our beaches. As a gentle reminder, dogs must be on leash above the high water line at all times.  Below the high water mark, there is a designated area of 550 yards to the east of Boardwalk #1 where dogs may be off leash at any time of the day from November 1st through April 30th (green on the map).  East of the designated off-leash area, no dogs – either on or off leash – are permitted at any time (red on the map).  West of the designated area (yellow on the map), dogs may be off leash below the high water mark before 10am and after 5pm.  Please note, there are bouys embedded in the sand at North Beach designating the area where dogs may be off leash.

Click here to see the map detailing the beach rules for dogs.

-Tidelines Editor

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