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SINHG with us, a weekly summary of SINHG excursions.

SINHG Studies Charleston Architecture

Washington Square

SINHG had another fantastic “Charleston Architecture” trip this month with Carol Ezell-Gilson. Starting at Washington Square, she described when and why there is a monument to Washington. She then guided us through some of the original architects of Charleston and described their further work on the White House in Washington, D.C. At the Four Corners of Government at Broad and Market Street, we learned about the buildings representative of “Mail, Bail, Jail, Hail”. Walking through the French Quarter Carol described the various styles of architecture dating from 1700 through 1900. It gave us fabulous insight into the variety of architecture and history in Charleston.

-Submitted by Lynn Baker, on behalf of SINHG


SINHG Goes Shrimping

Catch of the day

Six hardy SINHG members took to the open sea this month for a five-hour working cruise on the Sea Bounty, Captain Mike’s shrimper based at Andell Bluff. Two main nets were dropped and when the catch was hauled in, members sorted through the nets to retain larger shrimp while returning smaller ones – along with crabs, jellyfish and starfish – back to the sea. If anyone thinks shrimping is a simple business, Captain Mike and his crew taught us how to figure out where to drop nets, set booms and clear nets once the catch is in. More than 45 pounds of shrimp were netted, which were divided up among the SINHG’ers in an original version of “take-home” food once Captain Mike brought us safely home.


-Submitted by Frank Stare, on behalf of SINHG

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