Ron Ciancio, Candidate for Mayor

Town Council and Utility Commission Elections are on November 7, 2017. Over the next few days, we will be posting bios of the candidates. The first features Ron Ciancio, who is running for Mayor.

Ron and his wife Sue moved to Seabrook Island 11 years ago. Ron had previously served as Senior Vice President and General Counsel and Secretary of GATX Company, a publicly held transportation leasing company.

He has served on council for six years, two as Mayor pro tem and the last two as Mayor. He decided to run again because the Town has recently hired a new town administrator and he thought it important to have continuity during the transition period. He also wants to continue what has been good cooperation and communication between the Town, the POA and the Club. He thinks that the joint cooperation between the two on a common landing page for their websites is a good example of the benefits of this cooperation.

As to his accomplishments, he feels that the Town is now much better prepared for a natural disaster. As examples he cites that the Town now has the capability of communicating directly with property owners, has a memorandum of understanding between the Town and the POA setting forth the responsibilities of each entity, has a 70% increase in the Emergency Reserve Fund, and now has the authority to issue up to 4.5 million in bonds, the proceeds of which are to be used for debris removal, all as evidence of an increase in preparedness. He thinks he has taken a more pro-active role in the supervision of the Town, with the hiring of full time beach patrol during the peak season, bringing state legislators and the SCDOT representatives to Seabrook for a “road forum”, having representatives of Charleston County at Seabrook Island to explain the new FEMA flood maps, and the initiation of a major project to repair and upgrade the storm drainage system on Seabrook Island Road from the gate to the circle as examples.

As to his qualifications, he feels he has a grounded background in Seabrook Island activities from his service on the board of directors of the POA and as Chair of its legal committee, his membership on the board of directors and as president of Sea Island Habitat for Humanity, and as a board member and president of the Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy.

-Barbara Burgess, Tidelines Staff Writer