Important New Information from DHEC-OCRM

The Town has just been informed by DHEC-OCRM that it has extended to April 6, 2018, the comment period with respect to its proposed adjustment of the jurisdictional set back and base lines. This extended period will give affected property owners additional time to review the impact of the proposed adjustment on their property and to provide comment as they deem appropriate. Given the complexity of the data on which the proposed adjustment of the jurisdictional lines is based, DHEC-OCRM’s delay will allow professional review and meaningful comment on its proposal. There is, however, one proviso we need to be mindful of. Several years ago, the South Carolina legislature passed a law mandating that after December 31, 2017, the base line can only move landward. There are about a dozen properties on Seabrook Island where the proposed adjustment of the jurisdictional lines would have set their properties further landward of the base line. Unless the legislature amends that mandate, these properties will not benefit from the delay.

-Submitted by Ron Ciancio, Mayor

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