SINGH Goes To Camp

Ned Collins shared with a group of us Seabrookers the inner workings of St Christopher Camp and Conference Center. He did a fantastic job describing the overall camp operations, its history and the current mission.

We started at Susanne’s House and walked to the original chapel and recreation building which overlooks the Edisto River. We got to peek into the cabins for the campers (children’s half of camp) and then visit the Conference Center Facilities along with the lodging rooms for guests (adult half). When we were looking at the cafeteria we were well aware that today was a turnover day, with one set of school children leaving (who had arrived Monday) and another set arriving to stay til Friday for the Nature Programs. It was enlightening to all of us to see and hear about this wonderful camp and conference center right in our Seabrook Island home.

SINGH at Camp Christopher

SIHGH group coming out of the Chapel of the Palms

-Submitted by Lynn Baker on behalf of SINHG

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  1. Kathleen Ciarlante says:

    I look forward to reading these summaries of interesting SINHG trips I hadn’t chosen to join. Thank you!

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