Reception for Featured Photographer, Dieter Lantin – November 22

Reception for Dieter Lantin – November 22,  2017
5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
at the Lake House

Born at the end of WWII in Germany, Dieter grew up in rural northern Germany. Following completion of high school, he left his home town to live and work in Cologne, Zurich and Lugano, prior to emigrating to Canada at age 21.

Thanks to his command of German, English, French and Italian, the completion of his Commerce Degree, and studies in International Management at Columbia University, he enjoyed a productive career with Air Canada. There he developed, as Director of Customer Environment in Marketing, the first true Business Class in Airline History. Subsequent appointments took him to Winston Salem NC. In 1994, he founded an international marketing company for Aircraft Interior components servicing the newly opened market of Russia and all the states of the former Soviet Union, which he is still running today.

About Photography

“While I have not studied photography formally, I attempt to express my creativity and passion for those personal and environmental elements I feel strongly about. I also appreciate a good amount of support and encouragement from various members of the Photo Club”

“For my second monthly assignment, I focused on motives I encountered in the
modern ‘Moscow City’ and the surrounding area, with its rich historical background.”

Please join Heidi and me at the reception on November 22 and view my work!

-Submitted by Dieter Lantin


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