Teamwork Gets It Done!

Once again, Seabrookers rose to the challenge!  Nine teams participated in another amazing Triathlon.  One of the team members swam 12 laps (600 yds) in the pool, handed off to another team member who biked around the island 2 times (about 14 miles) and then handed off to a third team member who ran up to Freshfields and back (about 3.2 miles.)  A couple teams had only two members, where one of them ran two events.

Teams (in alphabetical order) that participated were:
TEAM ANYTHING GOES – Jeff Pompe, Steve Penkhus, & Kimsey Hollifield
TEAM ARMSTRONG – Alan Armstrong, Bryce Armstrong, & Casey Armstrong
TEAM BEAR TRI FAMILY – Marla Kuhne & Rupert Kuhne
TEAM BEAT MOM & DAD – Glen Hasling, Murphy Hasling, & Riley Hasling
TEAM KOTTAK-MAVROMATIS – Nick Kottak, Kreton Mavromatis, & Lucas Mavromatis
TEAM MOM & DAD – Glen Hasling, Kathleen Hasling, & Callan Hasling
THAT 70S TEAM-Sam Gilson, Chip Olsen, & Ray Peterson
TEAM TEHAN & HER DAD – Tehan Scully & Emmett Scully
TEAM VALENTINE’S OUTLAW INLAWS – Burt “Baracuda” Philips, Terrell “Easy Rider” Bowers, & Carter “Speedy Gonzales” Redd

Obviously, all are winners, but the top two were:

Participants and spectators alike enjoyed the morning.

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