Town of Seabrook Island Winter Weather Advisory Update

Date:  3 January 2018                               Time: 2:00 pm

Representatives of the Town of Seabrook Island participated in a Charleston County conference call this afternoon (January 3).  The National Weather Service provided an update indicating that snow will continue to be heavy for the next several hours until about 8:00 pm, with the most accumulation occurring outside of the coastal area.  It is anticipated to be very cold with freezing weather during the evening hours through Sunday morning.  Temperatures will be in the mid 30’s during the daylight hours for the next couple of days, and in the 20’s during the evening hours with wind chills in the low to mid-teens.  The National Weather Service indicated the possibility of higher than normal tides for the next several days.  Residents are encouraged to stay off the roads if possible.

The Stono and Limehouse bridges are currently (1:00 pm) closed to traffic because of icing.  The James Island connector was also described as being closed.

Charleston County will move its readiness status to OP CON 3 at 2:00 pm today.  The Town’s readiness status will remain at OP CON 4 until further notice.  All Charleston County government offices and Bees Ferry landfill will be closed tomorrow.  The Town’s office will be closed on Thursday January 4.  A determination as to opening Town Hall on Friday, 5 January will be made Thursday, 4 January.   

-Submitted by the Town of Seabrook Island

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