Berkeley Propane Updates to Town of SBI

The Town reached out to Berkeley Propane (BP) with respect to questions raised by its public information statement and received the following responses.

  1. Have you (BP) reached out to other propane companies and / or independent contractors to supplement your employed drivers to work down the backlog of undelivered Seabrook Island customers?


  1. “[T]he local vendors are backlogged although not as far as [BP] and so are taking care of their own needs. The trouble with employing additional drivers is that it is difficult to find Hazmat drivers with all the certifications and licenses and background checks that are required.”


2.  When does BP expected to clear the backlog?


 2. “We [BP] are not able to give a definitive answer of results. We have been negotiating with other companies for lease of additional bobtails and/or assistance from other providers outside of our area. “


3.  Can other propane companies fill your tank?


3. “Even though we have expressed permission for other vendors to fill our tanks on a one-time emergency basis, according to SC Gas Association who we have been working with on this, stated that no vendor will fill the tank for the one-time and assume the liability.”

-Submitted by

Ron Ciancio, Mayor, Town of Seabrook Island

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