Reminder: New Gate Access System Goes Live February 1

SIPOA is launching the new gate access system on February 1, 2018 (and shutting off access to the current CapSure system on the same day).  All property owners should have received a letter from SIPOA announcing the system and providing each property owner with his/her unique user name, password, and verbal code for owner identification.  In the same mailing, property owners should have also received a one-page instruction sheet on how to do the initial log in, how to change the password and user name, and how to navigate the website.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow.  Using tabs across the top of the new system’s web page you can also add emergency contact information, information on your pets, and view the vehicle information that SIPOA has on file for you.  You can also download the ‘ABDI Gate Access’ app to your mobile devices so you can conveniently update your guest list, arrange for visitor passes, etc.

Please note that visitors and guests who are in the old CapSure gate access database will NOT be automatically transferred to the new ABDI gate access system.  Therefore, you will need to add those visitors/guests to the new system by February 1.

Tidelines Editor


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