Property Owner Code of Conduct

We are fortunate to live in a wonderful community of very nice people. While mutual respect is the norm in our community, there are occasional exceptions and there have been recent incidents involving unacceptable behavior by property owners against both SIPOA employees and security personnel. Examples include using vulgar language, verbal and physical threats, belligerent behavior and name calling.

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy and such behavior will not be condoned. The SIPOA Rules and Regulations, section XII (A) Code of Conduct, Personal Interactions, confirm that such unacceptable behavior is a violation of our Rules and Regulations and the violator, property owner, guest, visitor, or contractor is subject to sanctions and assessments. While most property owners are respectful of SI employees, security personnel, and of their neighbors, we strictly enforce this policy. (Click here to access the Seabrook Island Rules and Regulations.  Note you must be logged in to the website.)

For additional information regarding code of conduct and applicable assessments, please refer to the Seabrook Island Rules & Regulations, Section XII – Code of Conduct:
• Personal Interactions: “Personal interactions among people within the SID should be conducted with proper decorum. If conduct deteriorates to the point of being belligerent, hostile, harassing, threatening, or combative in nature, such conduct shall constitute a violation of these Rules and Regulations subjecting the violator (s) to sanctions and assessments (see Appendix A)”.
• Appendix A – Violation Assessment Schedule: In accordance with Appendix A, Code of Conduct violations can be subject to assessments up to $1,000.

Additional information regarding appropriate conduct can be found in the Revised Safety and Security Policies approved 12-19-16. Seabrook Island Rules and Regulations have been adopted by your Board, with input from property owners, to protect the interests of all property owners.

-Submitted by Julie McCulloch, Chair; Bill Bryant, Secretary
Seabrook Island Safety & Security Committee

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