Seabrook Town Council Briefing: FEMA Flood Maps – February 1

This information was distributed as a handout for a Special Town Council meeting that took place on February 1, 2018 regarding the proposed FEMA flood maps.

The Proposed maps dated September 9, 2016 are the final maps. The data and imagery that was used to produce these maps was obtained in 2012; there have been a lot of changes to all of Charleston County since the last maps issued in 2004, and between the periods of 2012 to 2018.


  • The appeal period is now open until April 18, 2018
  1. Comments and appeals are important to be noted prior to adopting these maps because new development, grading/fill and changes to bridges and roadways will ultimately change how a floodplain functions, and will affect what flood zone you are in or should be in.
  2. Charleston County Building Inspection Services floodplain management team is reviewing the maps to compose a package of items deemed incorrect or in need of new data.
  3. Examples of areas the staff are reviewing are: new roads and bridges, new subdivisions, individual properties that have been filled significantly, noting changes of properties that were in a flood zone and now are not (and vis versa), etc.
  4. All submissions are considered “comments” unless otherwise supported by scientific evidence, which would make it an “appeal”. This could be in several forms; a property survey, hydraulic analysis; reviewable data that shows inconsistency with the data shown on the maps.
  5. Citizens and jurisdictions are encouraged to notify us of things that they see as being issues- the more eyes on the maps the better. Please send any information to our office to review and assist with the comment or appeal.


  1. All submissions are reviewed by our department, all items to be reviewed need to be submitted to our office by April 11, 2018.
  2. After our review, all submissions will be sent to SC Department of Natural Resources. They review and send all comments and appeals to FEMA.
  3. FEMA will have a period to review the comments and appeals, and all will be posted to the Federal Registry.
  4. After the FEMA review period, Charleston County has a period of 6 months to adopt the maps in an ordinance. We will begin this process early in order to be within the time constraints so there are no issues posed to flood insurance policies.

-Submitted by Faye Allbritton

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