Executive Director’s Report – May 2018

Executive Director’s Report
May 21, 2018

Operations & Maintenance:
The summer interns began work on May 7th. They will spend the next 12 weeks analyzing the SIPOA road pavement and surveying drainage outfalls.

Safety & Security:
We have introduced the “Fast Access” module in ABDI. This enables owners to send a gate pass voucher to their guests before arrival. The officers scan the voucher and the pass prints automatically. This reduces the time to process a guest’s pass to about 10 seconds.

Lake House:
The Lake House is gearing up for the summer season. We are recruiting part-time, seasonal fitness center and pool attendants.

We have collected 97% of the 2018 Annual Assessment payments. Per the SIPOA Collection Policy, barcodes for any owners who have not paid by the end of this month will be deactivated on June 1st.

We recently received the needed access permissions from the web hosting company to enable us to update the SIPOA portion of the website. The resource library is now on the GateAccess.net site and we are adding documents each week. More information will be added to the site as we move forward.

There were 22 property closings in April. 8 single family, 11 villas, 3 lots.

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) published an article about our Audubon International Certification in their national magazine this month. Board members received a copy in their packets and we will post a link on the website as soon as we receive permission from CAI.

ARC Activity:
New Homes:
Applications Pending = 10
New Homes Approved, not yet started = 1
New Homes Under Construction = 20

Repair & Maintenance Projects:
Maintenance Projects Approved by staff in April = 71
Total YTD = 287

Enforcement Actions = 25

publiccomment@sipoa.org Activity – April

Topic # of comments/questions
Assessment 1
Barcodes 1
BW1 1
Low-Speed Vehicles 1
Sign 1
Total 5

-Submitted by Heather Paton, Executive Director, SIPOA

Privacy Policies and the GDPR

Hello Seabrook! Hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day holiday.

You may have seen a recent increase in e-mail from companies in which you have previously created an account concerning updates to their privacy policies. In fact, here is a recent snapshot of my email:

Did I open them and read all the fine print…. of course not. Who’s got the time for that? In fact, have you ever stopped to read what you agree to when you install a program or sign up for an account? Most people are just looking for the “I agree” button to continue along their merry way.

Today, I want to talk about why companies are sending us new updates to their Privacy Policies. The recent influx is attributed to a new regulation called the GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation, which just went into effect on May 25th. The GDPR was put in place by the European Union (EU) for the purpose of protecting data privacy. This was started back in 2012 to make Europe more “ready for the digital age.” Four years later, the terms were agreed on, and just last week, the laws are now governing these digital companies. It basically means that companies have to be more explicit in what data they have about you and how they plan to use it. The new policy also allows users to request a copy of all the data a company collects from you, as well as being able to request that the company deletes the data. If they fail to comply, they are subject to steep fines according to the GDPR.

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Seabrook Island Healthcare Professionals Meeting

Seabrook Island Healthcare Professionals will meet Thursday, June 7th at the Lake House, Osprey Room 2 at 7 pm. PLEASE NOTE THE TIME CHANGE.

ALL healthcare professionals are welcome to join us.

Guest Speaker will be Stephen Cutia MS CCC-LP,  Speech and Language Pathologist and owner of North Tides Speech and Language. RSVP of your attendance is requested by June 5th. Please RSVP to Gail Azain Talton at turtlerock89@yahoo.com.

-Submitted by Gail Aain Talton

Main Road Open After Accident 5/30, 11;15 am

Live 5 Traffic has just reported that Main Road is open again for traffic coming onto and leaving the island.  The accident has been cleared up.

Follow us on Twitter at TidelinesAlert to receive instant information about traffic issues as we receive it.

Tidelines Editors

Main Road Closed 5/30, 8:40 am

St Johns Fire Department just reported that Main Road is closed between Patton Ave and Humber Rd due to an accident with injuries.  This is near St. Johns High School.

You may want to find an alternate route on or off the island.

Follow us on Twitter at TidelinesAlert to receive instant information about traffic issues as we receive it.

Tidelines Editors

Jump into Seabrook Island’s Water Fit Challenge This June


The next session of the Water Fit Challenge will be a 4 week program running from Monday, June 4th through Friday, June 29th.

The workout days will be as follows:
Mondays – 12:15 PM (Melissa)
Wednesdays – 12:15 PM (Jamie)
Fridays – 12:15 PM (Melissa)

The cost of the program is $10.00 per workout with a commitment of 3 workouts per week for the 4 weeks. Please note, there will be no class on Friday, June 8th.

Included in the cost of the program is unlimited fitness classes for the duration of the program ($49 value). Charges for the program will be put on your Property Owner or Club Member Account.

A key component for the program is the commitment of payment because it ensures that all participants come consistently therefore, the billing will be processed the first few days of the month for the all the workouts within that calendar month.

For more information or to register for the Water Fit Challenge, please contact Melissa Durinsky at durinsky27@yahoo.com or Jamie Mixson at jmogus@sipoa.org. Please note, we must have a minimum of 6 registered participants for the program to begin and will max out at 10 participants.

Jump into Seabrook Island’s Water Fit Challenge and get ready to splash your way to a healthier you!

-Submitted by

The Lake House

Reminder: Time & Location Change for Lake House Classes

Clip Art, Swimming, Sport, Sea, Pool

The morning water classes are moving to the outdoor pool for the summer season.

Here is the Lake House Outdoor Pool schedule beginning Friday, June 1:

  • Splashers – 8:00 am on Monday and Wednesday
  • Water Aerobics – 8:00 am on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Recreational swim will begin at 9:30 am

Thank you in advance for your understanding!

–Submitted by The Lake House

New Stormwater Check Valve

Stormwater check valves prevent tidal waters from flooding roadways during higher than normal high tide events.  This valve is located near the intersection of Seabrook Island Road and Wood Duck Place.  The new valve is 42″ in diameter and will keep tidewater from flooding the adjacent section of Seabrook Island Road.

Steve Hirsch, PE, PMP
Director of Engineering

Turtle Patrol Report – Week Ending May 27th

You never know what you’re going to see on the beach during Turtle Patrol walks. We believe this was the first horse/Bride sighting. Thanks to Mary Zamora for the photo.

Friday, May 25th

The Memorial Day Holiday weekend started off early with nest 4 being found by Walkers Ruth Ann Henderer, Kathy Chamberlain, Kathy Francis and Pat and Valerie Luzadder. Bill Greubel responded and found the nest which was left in situ near Boardwalk 3.

Saturday, May 26th

Francie & Rick Segal reported a crawl on South Beach between the cross and the warning sign. Sandy MacCoss, Terry Fansler, and Jane Magioncalda responded and Sandy found nest 5. The whole group helped move the nest to a safer location above the high tide line.

Sunday, May 27th

Sadly, nest 4 was predated by raccoons. Approximately 30 eggs were lost. The Doanes and Carters cleaned up the shells and double screened the nest to prevent further predation. They also double screened nest 3 as a precautionary measure. Later in the day, we installed finer mesh screens under the existing screens as a further deterrent. This is a new methodology we’re trying this year. Let’s hope it works.

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Seabrooker Mary Whyte in the News

On April 15, Barbara Burgess wrote a post in Tidelines about Seabrooker Mary Whyte’s visit to President George W. Bush.

This morning, The Post and Courier also published an article about Mary and her visit to Dallas. To read the Tidelines article, click here. To read The Post and Courier piece, click here.

Tidelines Editors