Executive Director’s Report – April 2018


SIPOA Executive Director’s Report

A summary of our operational activities as of the April Board meeting

Operations and Maintenance:

Boardwalk 1 construction is complete and the new shower station has been added.

The 4-week spring leaf-cleanup/street sweeping is finished. We collected about 200 cubic yards of leaf debris that didn’t enter our drainage system and ponds. The Greenery has now resumed regular clean up and mowing work.

Safety and Security:

An additional “barcode lane” sign was installed just before the entrance to Landfall Way.

Officers are preparing for the busy rental season that starts in late May. The Saturday of Easter weekend was very busy, with almost 600 visitor passes issued in 8 hours. It was also the first opportunity to test the rental voucher system in the new ABDI software. With this system, when a renter books their visit, the rental agency sends them a voucher with a QR code that can either be printed or saved on a smartphone. When the rental guest arrives at the gate, the voucher is scanned and their pass prints automatically. The pass process takes 10-15 seconds rather than 60+. We found that many of the agencies didn’t use the voucher system that weekend. We’ve been in contact with them to guide them through the process. After May 1 they will be required to issue vouchers for all guests. The system is also available to owners that rent through VRBO and other online rental services. Every second we save will help reduce traffic at the gate.

Lake House:

The Lake House was busy for the two weeks of spring break visitors. The sail shades that were removed for the winter were re-installed last month.


The deadline for annual assessment payments was March 31st. 91% of the 2018 assessments have been received. Per our collection policy, late notices were sent out April 16.

ARC Activity:

New Homes:
Applications Pending = 11
New Homes Approved, not yet started = 2
New Homes Under Construction = 18

Repair and Maintenance Projects:

Maintenance Projects Approved by staff in March = 77
Total YTD = 216

Communications: publiccomment@sipoa.org

Activity – March 2018 – Topics and number of comments/questions:
Assessment  – 1
Boardwalk 1  – 1
Low Speed Vehicles  – 1
Sign  – 1
Total  4

-Submitted by Heather Paton, Executive Director, SIPOA


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