Town Council Considering an Ordinance to Require Business Licenses for Rental Property Advertisements

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Town Council held the first reading of Ordinance 2018-04 at its April 24, 2018, meeting.  The Ordinance would require owners of a Seabrook Island property offered for rental to publish a Town of Seabrook Island Business License number on any advertisement for the rental, whether the ad is published by the owner or the owner’s agents.

In introducing the reading, Mayor Ron Ciancio indicated that the Ordinance is similar in part to one that the Town of Kiawah Island has recently adopted.  There will be a Public Hearing on this ordinance at Town Hall on May 22, 2018, at 2:25 p.m. where residents may ask questions or express concerns.  The Second Reading of the ordinance, which often results in adoption, will take place at the May 22 Town Council meeting immediately following the Public Hearing.

For reference, the official title of the ordinance is “Ordinance 2018-04, An Ordinance to Amend the Town Code for the Town of Seabrook Island South Carolina; Chapter 8, Businesses and Business Regulations; Article II, License; Section 8- 30, Display and Transfer; so as to Require all Owners or Agents Placing Commercial Advertisements Offering a Residential Unit in the Town of Seabrook Island for Rent or Lease to Clearly Display the Current Business License Number for that Residential Unit in the Text of Such Advertisement.”

The ordinance will go into effect sixty (60) days following its adoption.

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