Election Day in South Carolina – June 12

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As you know there will be Statewide Primary elections on June 12th.

Voter Registration:  The voter registration period for this election closed on May 12th.

Absentee Ballot:  You may vote by Absentee Ballot either in person or mailing in your ballot.  If you want to vote by Absentee Ballot, the process for doing that is very simple. You go to the South Carolina Board of Elections and Voter Registration website (click here), click on vote by absentee ballot, answer a few questions and send it off.  There is a long list of reasons people can vote by absentee ballot, most of which are not applicable to Seabrookers. The main criteria that allows us to vote absentee status is being 65 or older. Other possibilities include being a caretaker for a sick or disabled person, being physically disabled, or on vacation on Election Day. If you want to check all the options, go to the website above and you’ll find a lengthy list.
If you wish to vote absentee ballot in person, you can do that at the South Carolina Board of Elections and Voter Registration, which is located at 4367 Headquarters Road, North Charleston, SC (off of Leeds Avenue).

-Seabrookers will vote at the Lake House.
-The polls will be open from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Voters in line at 7 PM will be allowed to vote.
-Curbside voting will be available to voters with a physical disability.
-Voters will need to bring a current/unexpired photo ID to the poll.  Acceptable photo ID’s include:  South Carolina Driver’s License, South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles Identification Card, South Carolina Voter Registration Card with a photograph, Federal Military Identification Card with photograph, or U.S. Passport.
– One other note:  Voters who have changed address since the last election may need to confirm their new address when checking in at the poll.  Therefore, it would be helpful to bring a Driver’s License, utility bill, bank statement or paycheck showing the new address.

In South Carolina there is one Election Day for both Republican and Democratic Primary candidates.  Voters are not required to vote for candidates in the political party to which they are registered.  Therefore, when checking in at the desk, the Poll Manager will ask each voter in which political party’s Primary you wish to vote.  This is to ensure you receive the correct ballot, Republican or Democratic.

Click here to view the sample Democratic Ballot.
Click here to view the sample Republican Ballot.

-Veronica L’Allier, Poll Manager



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