#5 Hurricane Hint: Plan for Medical Needs

It is possible that in the event of a major disaster, we could face evacuation and be away from our homes for weeks or longer. Now is the time to plan for how you will obtain your prescriptions and Image result for picture of prescription bottlemedical supplies when you’re away from home.

Find out if your mail order prescription company will ship to an address different than the one on file and how long it takes to make an address change. In the event of a major disaster, your doctors will probably have evacuated as well and may be unavailable. When you next see your doctors, inquire about how best to fill a prescription while evacuated from home should you find that you are in need of a medication.

Also, if you use specialized medical equipment, now is the time to plan for how you will obtain that equipment if you evacuate. Decide if you will take it with you or rent it at your evacuation site.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

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