Turtle Patrol Report for the Week Ending July 15th

Monday, July 9
Nests 24 & 25!

Turtle_Patrol_Nest_24_July_2018Veronica L’Allier called with a crawl between the Club and Boardwalk #9 with a body pit almost entirely in the reeds/rack. Bill and Linda Nelson responded and Bill located the eggs for Nest 24 in a few minutes. Bill and Linda moved the 54 eggs around the Club Facilities to 300 yards north of Boardwalk #7.

Turtle_Patrol_Nest_25_July_2018Eileen Middleton called with a short crawl 100 yards north of the dog sign. Bill and Linda Nelson responded and Bill located 99 eggs for Nest 25. Jasper Neath with encouragement from his mother Kim helped Linda Nelson move the eggs to 100 yards north of Boardwalk #1.

Turtle_Patrol_Deer_July_2018Friday, July 13
Karen Sewell and Betsy Quinn remarked on how different the beach looked this morning, a large tidal pool has shifted. On their way out to the beach they were treated to a view of 4 bucks and a doe.

Saturday, July 14
Turtle_Patrol_First_hatchling_July_2018On Saturday afternoon, Terry Fansler and Gayle Evans responded to a call from the Beach Patrol about a hatchling on the beach. When they arrived a large group of children greeted them and explained that as they were digging in the sand they were quite surprised when a hatchling walked into the hole they had dug. After the obligatory discussion of “this is why all holes need to be filled in”, the kids helped escort the hatchling they named “Trooper” to the ocean.

Turtle_Patrol_Stranding_July_2018There was a stranding yesterday at the very end of the bird signs. Terry Fansler and Gayle Evans handled it. It turned out to be a juvenile Green Turtle.

Turtle_Patrol_Piebald_Buck_July_2018Later on, while engaged in pre-hatch duties, Marnie Ellis snapped a great picture of the Piebald buck on the beach.

Sunday, July 15
Karen Sewell called in two crawls just North of The Club. The first one was definitely an “in and out” the second was more promising. Responders Valerie and Mark Doane had finished their walk on Zone 3 and went to probe. When probing the second crawl, they hit hard sand; then rocks. Mark continued to probe in the area; but no eggs were found. The area was marked as a false crawl and will be observed.

Walkers found a dead baby turtle between nest 3 and the water. There were also several hatchling tracks around the nest. Looks like we’ll be scheduling an inventory soon.


And the sunrise was beautiful!

–Submitted by Gary Fansler