Turtle Patrol Report for the Week Ending July 23rd

Wednesday, July 18th
Inventory Report
Nest 1 was found by Joleen Ardaiolo, Alison Bowers, Kathy Noel and Sandy MacCoss. The nest had 110 eggs. It hatched in 61 days.
Shells 42
Unhatched eggs 67
Dead hatchlings 41
Live hatchlings 0
Total live 1
Hatch success 38.1%
Emergence success 00.9%

Nest 3 was found by Rachael, Neva and Marshall Carter and Mark Doane. The nest had 113 eggs and it hatched in 56 days.


Shells 102
Unhatched eggs 10
Dead hatchlings 1
Live hatchlings 15
Total live 101
Hatch success 90.2%
Emergence success 76.1%

Thursday, July 19th
Our dedicated walkers braved the beautiful storm offshore to check their zones to no avail.

Sunday, July 22nd
Inventory Report
Nest 2 was found by Bill Greubel. The nest had 147 eggs. 5 were broken inside the nest. It hatched in 61 days.
Shells 51
Unhatched eggs 79
Dead hatchlings 0
Live hatchlings 0
Total live 51
Hatch success 34.6%
Emergence success 34.6%
There were 4 crab holes and a crab inside the nest at inventory. It is believed crab predation accounts for the remaining 12 eggs.

Monday, July 23rd
Nest 26! Beverly Stribling and Nancy Pondelik texted a picture of a disturbance in the sand in front of Camp St. Christopher. Bill and Linda Nelson responded and confirmed not only was it a crawl but found the eggs! The 70 eggs were moved 100 yards up the beach to higher ground.

Inventory Report
Nest 5 was found by Francie and Rick Segal. The nest had 145 eggs, 4 were broken inside the nest. It hatched in 55 days.
Shells 109
Unhatched eggs 32
Dead hatchlings 1
Live hatchlings 25
Total live 108
Hatch success 75.1%
Emergence success 57.2%

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

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