#13 Hurricane Hint: Prepare to Evacuate

Once we have received the notice to evacuate or if you choose to leave before that, here are some things you need to do before youImage result for picture of high winds leave:

  • Fill your car with gas.
  • Make arrangements for your pets. (Refer to Hurricane Hint #6.)
  • Prepare to protect your windows from storm damage.
  • Take in your porch and deck furniture, potted plants, yard decorations, bird feeders, and barbecue grill—anything that could become a projectile.
  • Close your home’s windows, lock doors, unplug appliances.
  • Turn off your home’s electrical main power switch.
  • Turn off your home’s propane gas line at the tank, not at your gas grill or other outlets. (Note: You’ll need to contact your propane supplier to turn the gas back on after the weather emergency is over.)
  • Turn off your water to the house.
  • Turn off water supply to any refrigerator icemakers or ice machines in your home.
  • Clean out your refrigerator and freezer – completely. If you leave food in your freezer, place a container of ice cubes in your the freezer. When you return, you will be able to tell if the cubes melted and re-froze, to help you decide whether the food is safe to eat. Make sure your ice maker is off.
  • Turn refrigerator to the coldest setting and keep it closed. Once the electricity is out, your refrigerator will keep foods cool for four hours if left unopened. Thawed food is usually okay if still “refrigerator cold.” Maintain proper food sanitation in food preparation and disposal.
  • Take your emergency supplies (and your pet’s emergency supplies) with you.

Avoid the inconveniences of a mandatory evacuation by leaving early, before a mandatory evacuation is called. If you leave early, you can take whatever route you want. If you wait for a mandatory evacuation to be called, you must drive the evacuation route. Hotels will be crowded or unavailable because so many people are heading inland, and you’ll have to deal with excessive delays on the roads.

Shelters should be used as a last resort, and most will not accept pets. Shelters are a lifeboat, not a cruise ship.

NOTE: If you decide not to evacuate, you will be on your own since essential services, including medical, water and sewer services will not be available. Power outages and flooding are likely to occur.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

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Roadside Seafood Restaurant Opens

Roadside Seafood, at 3966 Betsy Kerrison Parkway, is now open.  It is a great addition to the restaurants we have at our end of Johns Island.

This is the second location for owner Richard Perrine.  The original one is at 807 Folly Road.  This family-owned restaurant started in 2012 as a mobile kitchen, now known as a food truck, and is still in operation.  In 2016, they opened their Folly Beach location and now in 2018, their much-anticipated location is open on Johns Island.

According to a sign on the door, they were named Best Down-Home Restaurant and Best She Crab Soup by Charleston Magazine.  The magazine Only in Your State, as well as Charleston City Paper, reported that they had the best-fried shrimp in the state.

Currently, they are open from 4:30 pm until 8:30 pm for dinner seven days a week.  They will also be open for lunch starting at 11:30 am on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays.

They hope to receive their license to sell beer and wine at the beginning of September.  Until then, you can bring your own beer and wine.

To see the Folly Road menu of locally-sourced food, click here. The Betsy Kerrison menu is similar. The selections may change due to availability and the prices may fluctuate due to market costs.

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Watch Out for Telephone Scams

You’ve heard it from Chad, you’ve read about it in Tidelines and we reiterate DO NOT give personal information to anyone who calls asking for personal data or money. It is important to remember that Medicare does not initiate phone calls asking for information or money. Here’s what Medicare is saying:

“Your new Medicare card is on the way, so if someone calls and says you need to give them your personal information or money to get the new card, hang up! It’s a scam. Medicare will never call uninvited and ask for personal information or money for you to get your new Medicare Number and card. Learn what to do if you get a suspicious call like this.

“If you haven’t gotten your new Medicare card yet, don’t worry. Mailing cards to each group of states takes at least a month, so you might get your card at a different time than friends or neighbors in your area. In the meantime, keep using your current Medicare card until your new one arrives.

“Log in to your MyMedicare.gov account to see when your new card has been mailed. Don’t have a free account yet? Sign up at MyMedicare.gov in just a few easy clicks.

“Note: If you’ve gotten your new card in the mail already, start using it right away!”

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Brown & White Pickup September 7

NOTE: Garbage will be picked up on Labor Day, September 3.
There is no change in the schedule.

The next monthly Brown and White pickup is Friday, September 7.

Bulk items can be left curbside by 7:00 am.  Place items including furniture, appliances, grills, lawn furniture, or other similar household items where you would normally leave your trash and recycling.

Hazardous waste such as old paint cans, electronics, batteries, fluorescent lights, and old yard or household chemicals can be taken to the Maintenance area (adjacent to the Community Garden) that morning between 7 am and 2 pm.  Hazardous materials must be handed directly to the attendant on duty.  The materials cannot be left on the ground.

If you are planning to put bikes out on Brown and White pickup day, Sarah Quinn is collecting them for the Bicycles for Humanity (B4H) Program.  You can call her to pick them up. Her phone number is (843) 768-4407.

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SIPOA Annual Survey for 2018 Closing Soon

“The 2018 SIPOA Property Owner Survey is conducted to gather data (including comments, suggestions, recommendations, and opinions in general) to help the board, committees and staff address issues and concerns and set the direction for future planning and allocation of resources. If you have already completed the survey, thank you for your time! If not, please take a few moments to share your thoughts today.

Click here to take the survey now.”

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Lake House Fitness Schedule for September

Below is the link to the September 2018 Fitness Schedule at the Lake House. On it you will find:

  • Hours of Operation for the Lake House, Fitness Center, Indoor Pool and Outdoor Pool
  • Description of the classes
  • Fitness class prices
  • Class times – Monday through Saturday. There are no classes on Sunday.

Click here to download the September schedule. You can print it or save it to your device.

Zumba is back!

Join Meagan Bergeron on Saturdays at 11:30 am for Zumba Gold 50/50.

Zumba Gold 50/50 is a dance fitness class that features exotic rhythms set to high energy Latin and international beats. Excellent beginner class. First 30 minutes are low intensity and low impact, and simple choreography, geared towards newcomers to dance/fitness or anyone who wants a great, safe, low impact cardio workout. Second 30 min, intensity and impact increase. Either way, music and movement rule in this fun, high energy class! Please note, Zumba will be canceled on Saturday, September 29th. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Pilates Core 360

Join Alison Standard on Thursdays at 3:00 pm for PILATES CORE 360 to work around the entire body!

Want to be stronger, more toned, and will carry yourself with better posture…Pilates Core 360 will utilize a system of strengthening and stretching exercises designed to develop the body’s core, mobilize the spine and build flexibility.

One of the invaluable benefits of Pilates and core work is increased body awareness which helps in all aspects of daily living and assists in the quest to be independent and strong for as long as possible.

With an adherence to Pilates Core 360, body awareness will increase and one will move with more ease and confidence, making daily living much easier and helping one achieve the goal of living and aging powerfully.

Other benefits participants can experience include improvements in range of motion, flexibility, circulation, posture, and abdominal strength.

Pilates Core 360 is designed to benefit many types of people at many levels of fitness.

-Submitted by The Lake House

SIPOA Notice


Today a few residents reported items missing from their unlocked vehicles. Charleston County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the reports and reminds all residents to lock their vehicles when parked.

Please call Security at 843-768-6641 if you have an incident to report.

-Submitted by Heather Paton, SIPOA Executive Director

Turtle Patrol Report for the Week Ending Aug 26

Tuesday, August 21st
Inventory Results
Nest 20 was found by Jim and Jo Eisenhauer, Kathy Hanson and Judy Morr. It hatched in 52 days.

Shells 96
Unhatched eggs 7
Dead hatchlings 3
Live hatchlings 0
Total live 93
Hatch success 84.2%
Emergence success 81.5%

Friday, August 24th
Inventory Results
Nest 21 was found by Gary Holtz, Rob Jerome, Cathrine Scully and Mike Vinson. It hatched in 50 days.

Shells 85
Unhatched eggs 9
Dead hatchlings 6
Live hatchlings 1
Total live 79
Hatch success 85.0%
Emergence success 78.0%

Nest 23 was found by Ruby Jenkins, Pam Salvestrini, Mary Van Deusen and Lynda Zegers. It hatched in 49 days.

Shells 80
Unhatched eggs 24
Dead hatchlings 0
Live hatchlings 0
Total live 80
Hatch success 75.4%
Emergence success 75.4%

Saturday, August 25th

On Saturday, August 25, we were visited by Boy Scout Troop 316 from Lugoff, South Carolina. They drove 145 miles to visit our beaches to learn about sea turtles and dolphins. After camping at the Boy Scout Campgrounds at Wadmalaw Island, they traveled to Seabrook Island and were hosted by Terry Fansler and Gayle Evans. They started their day by hiking to North Beach to watch the dolphins strand feed. Unfortunately, a reckless boater had preceded them by a few minutes. The boat roared through the river at high speed and the dolphins headed for cover. The Dolphin Conservation Education representative on duty (Carrie) was able to provide the Scouts with lots of information about the dolphins but they never got to witness the strand feeding.

The group then headed down the beach to visit a sea turtle nest that was due to hatch. After providing an overview of the sea turtle hatching process and the role of the Turtle Patrol, Terry decided to check the sand for hardness due to the overnight rains to make sure the hatchlings could get out. When Gayle loosened the sand there were a few hatchlings already trying to break through the crusted sand. So, Terry, Gayle and the Boy Scouts helped escort the hatchlings to the ocean. The Troop Leader, Wayne Albright, said that seeing the hatchlings was an experience the Troop would long remember.

-Submitted by Gary Fansler

CHS Museum Wildlife Painting Workshop Sep 6

Wildlife Painting Workshop
Thursday, September 6, 2018
5:30 – 7:30 pm

Register Online

Amanda McLenon

Join The Charleston Museum and wildlife artist, Amanda McLenon, for an introductory Wildlife Painting Workshop. McLenon, 2012 Lowcountry Artist of the Year, will introduce participants to her work and style and will discuss what sets wildlife painting apart from other subject matters. Participants will draw inspiration from a tour of the Bunting Natural History Gallery, and then be guided through the process of bringing their own wildlife paintings “to life.” Space is limited, register online or by phone at 843.722.2996 x 235.

-Submitted by The Charleston Museum

(Images from The Charleston Museum website)


KAC Piano Bar Series at the Sandcastle

Piano-Bar-Flyer-Fall Aug 2018

The Kiawah Arts Council presents Piano Bar at the Sandcastle.

Wednesday, Sept 19  Gary Pecoralla
Wednesday, Oct 3     Robbie Madison Duo
Wednesday, Nov 7    Blue Heron Pond Boys

Time:  5:00-7:00 pm

Location: The Sandcastle, Kiawah Island

No tickets required.

Back by popular demand, the Piano Bar Series returns to the newly renovated Sandcastle! Not meant to be concerts, these three Wednesdays are to enjoy with friends and the opportunity to meet neighbors outside your comfort circle for some Island socializing. Relax with the beverage of your choice because the Sandcastle will be the happening place at 5 pm Island time. Bring your beverage of choice and any snack to “tide” you over.

This series begins with a crowd favorite, Gary Pecorella, on September 19, 2018. Then on October 3, 2018, the Robbie Madison duo, brings a range of music from jazz to soulful tunes. Wrapping up the fall Piano Bar series is a Kiawah hometown crew, Blue Heron Pond Boys on November 7, 2018, who bring their own jams to the scene.

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