Apple TV Now in All Meeting Rooms

The Communications Committee and Lake House staff recently accomplished their initiative to install Apple TV units in the Lake House meeting rooms and the Oyster Catcher Community Center. One was installed earlier this year in Live Oak Hall.

The new units give anyone with an Apple device—laptop, iPad, or iPhone—the ability to easily mirror their screens onto meeting room TVs without having to be tethered by cable to the rooms’ ethernet ports. The process is similar to mirroring an Apple device to a TV using Apple TV in one’s home. This new capability will facilitate sharing FaceTime and Skype sessions, slide and photo presentations, videos, and document markups for groups using the rooms.

Lake House staff and the Communications Committee are collaborating in the preparation of new written and video instructions on how to use the new devices and the current Live Oak Hall AV system.

Regardless of their level of technical expertise, groups and individuals using the meeting rooms are urged to have presenters contact Jamie Mogus Mixson of the Lake House staff for a brief on-site tutorial on the proper use of equipment. Groups or individuals that plan to use any AV equipment should notify Jamie at least 24 hours in advance to receive instructions and to allow staff to check the equipment beforehand to ensure it is in working order.

Jamie Mogus Mixson
Lake House Manager

-Submitted by Dennis Pescitelli
Chair, SIPOA Communications Committee

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