Abridged Environmental Committee Minutes – August 14

Roger Banks is now receiving Wildlife mapping reports from the SIPOA web page. Residents have reported a new piebald fawn that was born this spring, it has been named “Spinnaker.” There are now at least three Piebald deer on Seabrook Island. At least ten bobcats have been spotted, including six kittens. Two separate reports have been made on raccoons eating seeds under bird feeders. Although this is not typical raccoon behavior, Charley Moore says it is not unheard of. Rattle snakes have been spotted near marsh areas; they do feed on small rodents such as marsh rats.

The proposed Charleston County Recycling Center has been delayed; now the opening date has been pushed back until summer 2019. At this time all of the recycling materials collected in Charleston County goes to the Horry County Recycling Center.

Nothing has been decided at this time concerning the replacement or repair of Bobcat Trail.

The next Highway Litter Pick Up is scheduled for Saturday, September 8.

Security reports concerning wildlife were minimal in July. One snake and three calls about alligators were made.

Dolphins have been very active in the Kiawah River. Philip Miller noted at least 20 strand feedings in a couple hours on a recent stint monitoring the activity. Monitors have noticed that some kayakers are too aggressive around the dolphins. There was one incident that prompted the monitor to call the DNR to intervene. Most people are accommodating when proper behavior around dolphins is explained. There is now a scheduling program on line for volunteers; which collects relevant data to automatically send to Lauren Rust at the Low Country Marine Mammal Network.

-Submitted by Lucy Hoover, Environmental Committee Communications


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