SIPOA Florence Update #2

Because many of Tidelines readers are non-property owners, visitors, and renters, we are forwarding this announcement from SIPOA. We apologize if you are receiving the same information several times.


The mandatory evacuation notice issued by the Governor takes effect at noon today. This does not require that all residents be off-island by noon precisely. If you need additional time to secure your property and to gather important documents or medications, please take the time to do so before you leave.

The Admin Office will close at 3:00 pm today until further notice.

The Lake House and Oyster Catcher Community Center will close at 3:00 pm today. There will be no pool access at either location and no before/after access at the Lake House until further notice.

All events at both locations are cancelled.

Due to Hurricane Florence, mandatory evacuation, and Board member availability, the 9/17/18 Board meeting is cancelled. We will announce a new meeting date shortly.

Vehicle parking is available on the grass at the Lake House. For safety, please do not park in the fire lanes in front of the building.

If the forecast remains as it is currently, the Gatehouse will be open until at least Wednesday night. As the storm progresses we will make further determinations about restricted access and/or closure (if any) as we have more information. We will include more info in our daily updates moving forward.

We will continue to allow contractors and service companies to assist residents in storm preparation through Wednesday at 8:15 pm, weather conditions permitting. There is no contractor work permitted on Thursday. Island access may be restricted for residents and contractors until we have information about island access from CCSO and conduct a post-storm damage assessment/road condition evaluation. We will post updates on island access/return as we have more information.

SIPOA Rules & Regulations require that trash/recycling cans be kept in a closed location. Before the storm arrives, please be sure your trash/recycling cans are put away to avoid them becoming missiles.

Berkeley Electric Coop is not planning a pre-emptive power outage for Seabrook Island. Please refer to the Town of Seabrook Island website ( for updates on Berkeley Electric. During the storm the island may lose power. To report a power outage call BEC directly at: 888.253.4232 or go to Please do not call the gate to request outage updates for electricity or other utilities. Security doesn’t have this information.

Call 911 for emergencies. If you choose to not to evacuate, please remember that depending on weather conditions, first responders may be off-island and may not be able to reach you immediately.

We will send another operational update by noon tomorrow.

Heather Paton
SIPOA Executive Director