SIPOA Florence Update #3

Because many of Tidelines readers are non-property owners, visitors, and renters, we are forwarding this announcement from SIPOA. We apologize if you are receiving the same information several times.


Florence’s path is still uncertain. SIPOA is monitoring the forecast and updates that the Town publishes each day for the latest information. Please go to: for updates.

Effective 5:00p.m. Wednesday, September 13, 2018, CCSO Officers will be stationed near Kiawah Town Hall to control access to both Kiawah and Seabrook Islands. Anyone attempting to access the islands after that time will be required to show proof of residency or property ownership.

Contractors cannot enter the island after 5:00p.m. today but if already on-island they can continue to work until 8:15p.m. to complete emergency preparations for property owners.

Norred, Inc. our Security contractor, intends to continue gate operations throughout the storm. Additional officers will arrive late today to assist our regular staff in access control and island patrol. If at any point officers feel they are in physical danger, they will secure the gate and seek shelter.

Please bear in mind that like the CCSO officers, SIPOA Security officers may ask for proof of residency or ownership before allowing island access – even if there is a barcode on your vehicle. It is likely that only one lane will be open, especially if there is a power outage, so please be patient. Anyone who is not an owner or resident will be denied access. No contractor or guest passes will be accepted until the storm passes, and non-owner access is again authorized by the Town and SIPOA.

This link provides information on Freshfield’s businesses that may be open/closed for the hurricane:

We will send another operational update by noon tomorrow.

Heather Paton
SIPOA Executive Director