Tidelines Editors Have Evacuated

As of noon on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, all of the Tidelines staff have evacuated Seabrook Island and are at or en route to places of safety.

We will continue to monitor conditions and post information of interest when we find it. Many Tidelines readers are non-property owners, visitors, and renters. For this reason, we republish SIPOA eblasts and Town of Seabrook Island alerts. This means that some of you are receiving the same information several times. Please be patient since this may be the only communication some receive.

In the storm’s aftermath, we will post any information received from reliable sources about conditions on Seabrook Island. This will include the Town, SIPOA, and the CERT team, as well as other trusted sources.

You can access the Tidelines Hurricane Hints on our homepage here. Click on the dropdown menu on the right-hand side of the banner.

We have suspended other postings unrelated to the weather emergency so that we can focus on it exclusively.

Tidelines Editors

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