SIPOA Florence Update #5

Because many of Tidelines readers are non-property owners, visitors, and renters, we are forwarding this announcement from SIPOA. We apologize if you are receiving the same information several times.

Hurricane Florence made landfall in the Wilmington, NC area early this morning. We still anticipate tropical storm force winds and heavy rain arriving later today. It is currently sunny and breezy, with cloud bands visible.

Island access continues to be restricted to owners and residents only. Security officers continue to operate the gate and plan to remain in the gatehouse throughout the weekend unless weather events put them in physical danger. Security officers are also on patrol throughout the island. As the storm progresses, they may put up barricades in areas where the roads are unsafe due to flooding or downed trees. For your safety, please do not go around the barricades – find another route. CCSO also has officers assigned to Kiawah and Seabrook Islands. They work closely with our Security officers and patrol the island in both marked and unmarked vehicles.

SIPOA has several tree companies on standby to clear roads if needed after the storm passes. Stormwater pump station generators are in place and ready if needed. Employees are ready to return to the island as quickly as possible following the storm.

For now, we need to wait and see what Florence brings us.

Please continue to monitor the Town website for the most current information from the state and county as well as up to date storm info.

Be safe everyone!

Heather Paton
SIPOA Executive Director