Town of SI – Hurricane Florence Update #8

Because many of Tidelines readers are non-property owners, visitors, and renters, we are forwarding this announcement from the Town. We apologize if you are receiving the same information several times.

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14 September                                       1:00 pm

As of 11:00 am on Friday, 14 September, the National Hurricane Center reported that Hurricane Florence had made landfall near Wilmington, NC as a category 1 storm (sustained winds of 74 – 95 mph) and the forecasted path following landfall remains uncertain. Charleston County Emergency Management Department expects tropical storm force winds to arrive in our area beginning Friday, 14 September and worsen through Saturday, 15 September. The Governor’s evacuation order for all of Charleston County remains in effect as of 14 September. Evacuated residents should not attempt to return before the evacuation order is lifted, which is not expected prior to late afternoon on Sunday, 16 September. The Town will undertake its initial damage assessment early Sunday and communicate the results to Charleston County for inclusion in its report to the Governor. Residents should understand that the Governor’s decision to lift the evacuation order will be determined by damage assessments throughout Charleston County and on the ability to safely travel roads within the County, not only conditions at Seabrook Island. As of noon on Friday, 14 September, the emergency response readiness status of Charleston County EMD remained at OPCON 1 and its emergency information telephone service (843-746-3900) was continuously available.

The Town’s emergency response readiness status remains at OPCON 1 and the Town’s State of Emergency remains in effect. Since 5:00 pm Wednesday, 12 September, Charleston County Sheriff’s deputies have been stationed outside the Freshfields traffic circle to control access to Kiawah and Seabrook and will remain on duty until the Governor’s evacuation order is lifted. Residents who have chosen not to evacuate are reminded that to gain access to Seabrook Island, motorists will be required to show evidence of residency or property ownership. The Seabrook Island Property Owners Association security personnel remain on duty at the security gate. Residents who have chosen not to evacuate are reminded that security officers may request proof of residency or property ownership to allow access through the gate; no guest passes will be honored.

Berkeley Electric advised the Town Thursday morning, 13 September that in contemplation of a need to protect its equipment from damage from potential flooding, it could no longer confirm that it will not preemptively turn off power for Seabrook and Kiawah. The Town issued a comprehensive statement in that regard earlier on Thursday, 13 September. As of Friday morning, 14 September, there was no change in the Berkeley Electric status.

Friday morning, 14 September, St. Johns Fire District informed the Town that it has relocated equipment from the Seabrook Island station to the St. Johns Fire District station on River Road for protection from potential flooding.

For emergency response call 911

For questions concerning non-emergency assistance during a state of emergency, call the Charleston County Citizen’s Information Hotline (843-746-3900)

For emergency response updates and announcements from the Town of Seabrook Island:

Continue to monitor the Town’s website (;
Call our toll-free number (888-314-3177);
Follow the Town’s TWITTER feed (; or
Follow the Town’s FACEBOOK page (;

Property Owners with rental guests should forward this notice to their rental guests.

It is expected that the next Hurricane Florence information update will be issued early afternoon on Friday, 14 September; earlier updates will be issued as circumstances require.

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