When to Return After Evacuation

Property owners who have evacuated must not return until two things have happened:  (1) the Governor has lifted his evacuation order, and (2) Mayor Ciancio has issued an announcement saying that the island’s condition is such that evacuees are allowed to return.

Property owners who did not evacuate for Hurricane Florence may be asked to present proof of ownership in order to be allowed to return to the island.

What, exactly, is acceptable “proof of ownership”?  A valid driver’s license is the most direct proof of residence if it shows your address as being on Seabrook Island (or Johns Island with a street address on Seabrook Island).  If the driver’s license indicates a residence other than on Seabrook Island, it will serve to identify the individual presenting it, and that individual may then provide an additional “proof of ownership” such as a Charleston County property tax bill or a utility bill (e.g., from Berkeley Electric or the SI Utility Commission).

Many of us do not travel with these additional items.  However, if you have Internet access, you can access your tax bill online by clicking here, or you can log into your utility account to display your bill.

To further clarify, your proof of residence will only be required if you are attempting to return BEFORE the evacuation order is lifted.

Tidelines Editors