Come Meet the Artist Reception – October 1

October Artist of the Month Brenda Tilson
Reception on October 1, 2018
5:00-7:00 PM at the Lake House
All are invited

Yep, that’s us. Roadside Cats, or to more specific, felis catus. We live nearby, just off the 4-lane. There are nine of us, or is it eleven? Not sure. Our motley lot of felines, consist of a variety of yellow tabbies, a couple of tortoise stripped cats, and two black ones including one with classic Sylvester markings.

Our life is simple. You could say free-roaming, embracing a daily routine of living off- the-grid. Some folks refer to us as “ferals” – a term to which we take umbrage. You see, we are quite happy living together in a colony (protection in numbers). We spend our time sunning ourselves, napping, exploring, socializing on our terms, and an occasional chase/hunt. These activities are enhanced by the kind attention of local benefactors who provide us with food and shelter – to whom we are grateful.

On October 1, there will be an artist’s reception – sans cats – at the Lake House from 5:00 to 7:00PM featuring the Roadside Cats. Please come by and see us (as opposed to our roadside habitat – since by nature we are shy and evasive).

-Submitted by Brenda Tilson


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