Fleming Flash – October 5

The Fleming Tournament opened Thursday with competitive, entertaining matches on a beautiful day.

Friday brings another great day of tennis at Seabrook! Come enjoy the games, a complimentary ice cream or draft beer. Admission is free. Cheer on the players!

Seeded players to watch on Friday are:

8:30 Andy Steingold
10:15 Bo Crouch/Fred McKay 10:15 Mike Martin/Junior Luffman 10:15 Stewart Jackson
10:30 Mike Mitchell/R Tillison 10:30 Todd Hall/Frank Larkin

1:00 Tom Meigs/Keith Richardson
1:30 John Chryst/Keith Whitlow
2:00 Carlos Gomez-Diaz/Margaret Lumia 3:00 Bunnie Allare/Stewart Jackson
4:00 Sophie Woorons/Garth Thompson

Home team matches include:

8:30 Harvey Hines
10:00 Susan Meloy/Judy McLean 10:15 Andrea Hines/Gail Warden 10:15 Paula Adamson
10:15 Leslie Adkins/Debbie Ott 10:15 Rich Goheen/Ken Steen
11:30 Jann Bolick/Terry Cherry 12:30 Robert Cherry/Grady Willis 12:30 Rick McDaniel/Warren Kimball

1:00 Otto Maender/Dub Ward
1:15 Donna Brown/Maureen Oberg 1:30 James Burkhard/Ron Groff 2:00 Ken Steen/Nancy Steen

-Submitted by Patti and Dale Leibach