Saturday Fleming Flash – October 6

The competition heats up! Saturday’s matches include home team players:

9:00            Harvey Hines in a FINAL
10:30            Terry Cherry vs Susie Peiffer
10:45            Armand Glassman/Jerry Hanchrow vs W.Kimbel/C.McDaniel
TBA              Andre Hines/Gail Warden vs D.Carmazzi/C.Fryer
12:00            Leslie Adkins/Debbie Ott vs C.Babb/S.Peiffer
TBA              Anita Schrenk/Paula Adamson vs A.Hunt/S.Weinstock

More to watch are:
9:00            #1 seed Stuart Jackson
9:00            #1 seed Andy Steingold
9:00            #1 seed John Chryst
9:00            #1 seed David Huff vs Ronald Charron
11:00            Ruth Stephenson vs Tabatha Waddill  in a FINAL
12:00            R.Owens vs G.Thomson
12:15            #1 seed Burns/Foster
1:15            #1 seed Tom Meigs/Keith Richardson
1:30            Chryst/Whitlow vs Hendrix/West in a FINAL
4:00            Thomson/Woorons vs Silberstein/Waddill
TBA            #1 seed Gomez-Diaz/Lumia vs Crouch/Hartsock
TBA            #1 seed B.Allare/S.Jackson
TBA            #1 seed D.Hubbart/C.Vander Berg vs S.Gray/J.White

-Submitted by Patricia Leibach