Goats, Cheese and Harbor Cruising for SINHG Members

Dodging tropical storms and hurricane threats, SINHG members took to land and sea recently as this fall’s schedule of SINHG trips continues. Charleston’s SpiritLine Cruises departed from Patriot’s Point with SINHG members aboard for an evening’s cruise around Charleston Harbor. Members enjoyed a great dinner and fine wines aboard the ship and were treated to a spectacular sunset and moonrise.

Not long after, SINHG members gathered at John’s Island’s Jeremiah Farm and Goat Dairy to consort with the farm’s herd of goats, some of whom stood patiently while members learned not only how to milk them but how to make a delicious ricotta cheese from the milk. As one member observed, milking was one item he could check off his “bucket” list.

SINHG Trips for the fall continue through December. To learn more about SINHG, visit the website here.

-Submitted by Norm Powers for SINHG