St. John’s Fire District Citizens Safe

If you have noticed a St. John’s Fire District truck parked in your neighborhood on a Saturday morning and wondered what they were doing, this will explain all! This is a program under the direction of Battalion Chief and Fire Marshall Ryan Kunitzer of the St Johns Fire District. It is aimed at educating people on fire safety in their homes. The firefighters are going house to house as part of a program called Citizens Safe. The goal is to be sure that all Seabrook homes have working smoke alarms and also have a house that is free of fire hazards. When they knock on your door, they will ask you if they can come in and inspect your smoke alarms and also check your home to see if there are any obvious fire hazards. They will check all of your alarms, replace batteries if needed and if they find you have outdated alarms, they will replace those. If your alarm system is connected to your wiring, that will be inspected and if it is out of date, they will recommend purchasing a new one and then come back to install it for you. This is a valuable service to all Seabrook Island residents and one that many have taken advantage of. Having an up to date alarm is important for your safety. They will also inspect fire extinguishers (but not refill them) to be sure that they are still in good working condition.

If you are not home, they will leave a hang tag on your door telling you they were there and giving you a phone number to call if you want them to come back.  If you would like them to pay a visit to your house, call the Seabrook Fire Station at 843-768-2660 and ask them to look at your alarms.

All Seabrookers are encouraged to take advantage of this important free service.

For more information about St. John’s Fire District, click here.

-Sue Holloman, Tidelines Writer