TidelinesAlert and Twitter Hints

Many of our readers now follow TidelinesAlert, our Twitter account that only reports accidents, weather issues, and other emergency events. These are the same notices that they receive from Tidelines via email. The advantage of TidelinesAlert is that they receive an alert or notification as these events occur.

We chose Twitter to report accidents, etc., because you choose who you follow (many of our readers only have TidelinesAlert.) Unfortunately, we have discovered that if people retweet an article, that account may show up in your feed. To get rid of unwanted accounts you can block or mute them.  The difference is that if you block someone, they will see that they have been blocked. If you mute someone, they will not know. The directions are basically the same for both:

  • Tap down on the icon of the account you don’t want to follow. Hold your finger down a bit longer than a tap, but not too long.
  • A pop-up window sometimes comes up. Tap on what you would like to do, block or mute.
  • Another window might pop up and wants you to confirm your choice. Tap on block or mute.

Another interesting thing you can do with Twitter is set up lists. This works especially well if you subscribed to a lot of accounts during the hurricanes, such as NWS and SCEMD, but you don’t want to follow them all the time. Doing this will keep these sites, but you can only view them if you go to that list. To see how to set up a list, click here.

If you haven’t signed up for TidelinesAlert yet, click here to get to the Tidelines webpage and click on Manage Your Subscriptions in the bar just under our logo, then choose “How to Subscribe to TidelinesAlert and Manage Notifications.”

Tidelines Editors