Successful Adopt-A-Highway

HighwayClean 10-14-18

When a call goes out, Seabrookers respond. On a beautiful Saturday morning, twenty-two dedicated Seabrookers showed up to help clean up Betsey Kerrison Parkway!

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Frank Stare, Carl VonEnde, Jim Jones, Joe Manguilli, Paul Gregory, Jan Willem Bol, Danielle Bol-de Greve, Linda Bell, George Fleck, Bill Huff, John and Flo Gilson, Caroline Seufert, Lori Leary, Melanie and Rob Jerome, Ava and Eric Koren, Sally Kimball, Missy Whitmore, and Kem O’Sullivan for all their hard work in removing 31 bags of trash from our roadway.

Great job folks!

–Submitted by Rich Siegel