New Exhibit at The Charleston Museum: City Under Siege

The Charleston Museum is pleased to announce the opening of its newly renovated permanent exhibit, City Under Siege: Charleston in the Civil War. The exhibit, which tells the story of Charleston’s role in the conflict from a range of perspectives, features updated exhibit panels, new images and additional pieces from the Museum’s collections.

Charleston was the birthplace of secession, the scene of the war’s first shot, and under constant threat by Union military forces from 1862 to early 1865. The impact of the war on the soldiers who fought in battles around the city and the inhabitants, both enslaved and free, was dramatic.

CHS Museum Permanent Exhibit
Among the new objects on display are family items buried to keep them from enemy hands, a battle flag, and a receipt documenting the death of an enslaved person who died while working on Confederate fortifications on Sullivan’s Island. To ensure their appropriate long term preservation, the textile materials, such as uniforms, period civilian dress and flags, will be regularly rotated, allowing new objects to be on display over time.Carl Borick, the Museum’s Director, explains that “the previous exhibition was popular but had become somewhat dated and the new display is a welcome improvement to our guests’ experience.” “Visitors to the exhibit,” he notes “will come away with a thorough understanding of Charleston’s role in the Civil War and its effects on the city.”

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