Possible High Water on Roads

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The Post and Courier reported that there is a possibility that gale force winds, heavy rain, and unusually high tides might cause road flooding on Saturday, December 8, and Sunday, December 9. NWS Charleston is predicting the tide at the Charleston Harbor will be worse on Sunday than Saturday and may reach as high as 8.3 feet. Flood stage is 7 feet.

The app Tides Near Me reports that High Tide at Rockville and Bohicket Creek on Saturday will be around 8:47 am and 8:52 pm. The Sunday high tides are around 9:26 am and again around 9:31 pm.

To read the article from The Post and Courier, click here. The beginning of the article talks about the Upstate, but further down they address the coastline. To view the NWS Charleston Tide Gauge, click here.

The tides are highest around an hour or so before and after the high tide times, so it is recommended that you do not drive on the roads during those times unless absolutely necessary.

Remember, be prepared; stay safe.

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