SIPOA Board Candidate – Gordon Weis

Gordon Weis

Mollie (my very good friend and spouse of 49 years) and I moved to Seabrook on May 22, 2018.

A little history… We both retired in 2009 and moved to downtown Chicago where we thoroughly enjoyed the city and all that it had to offer. However, looking for a new adventure, we decided to move to the Charleston SC area, a place where we have visited frequently since 1989.

We found Seabrook Island quite by accident, but after a few visits looking for our new home we fell in love with both the place and the people. We purchased our home on Coon Hollow and we are now fulltime residents.

I haven’t been in Seabrook long enough to participate in any committees, however during my time in Chicago, I was president of our condo association for seven years. Our condo was in downtown Chicago and consisted of 303 residential units and 315 deeded parking spaces. I believe that my experience as a condo board member where I worked with our various committees and other board members could contribute to the SIPOA Board as they advance both their short and long-term goals.

My background is technology. I created my first website in 1997 and now in retirement, I still maintain about seven active websites in downtown Chicago. My websites deal in communication using email, text or voice between a condo building’s management staff and their owners and residents. I would like to make my experience in technology and computers available as a member of the SIPOA board.

If elected to the board, my goal would be to keep Seabrook as a community and not a resort, while at the same time allowing owners and residents to enjoy the many amenities offered on our island. To protect the short and long-term nature of our community, I would also work with the rest of the board to maintain the current positive fiscal position of SIPOA and the beautiful green space that exists in the island. Being new to the island and still learning, if elected I would listen, learn, analyze and then respond.

Summary… One summer evening we were sitting on the veranda at the club having dinner with some friends when our attention was drawn to the ocean. Our friend waved her arm out toward the water and very simply said “and we live here”. Looking at Seabrook, what more really needs to be said? It is truly a beautiful place, great beaches, many amenities, lots of green space, birds and wild life. Seabrook is truly a great “community”… what more could we ask for?

Thank you for your consideration and I would appreciate your vote.

-Submitted by Gordon Weis

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